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Study shows that people who wear the normal single vision glasses, their eyes have very weak self-adjustment ability and have the symptoms of pain, dry and blur after 4-6 hours of long-term and high-tension work. Nevertheless under the same condition, people who wear Anti-fatigue lens can prolong the eye tiredness up to 3-4 hours.Anti-fatigue lens is very easy to mount and get used to, similar to the single vision lens.Benefits • Fast and easy adaptation • No distortion zone and low astigmatism • Comfortable natural vision, see better all day long • Providing a wide functional area and a clear sight when looking far, middle and near • Reduce eyestrain and fatigue after a long-time study or work Target Market • Office workers, who staring at the PC screen or immersing in the paperwork all day long • Students, an effective solution to slow down children's myopia evolution • Middle-ages or the elderly who just have slight presbyopiaFor other lens products, you may go to our website via the following links:

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